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Respecting the planet

New technologies provide methods for channelling energy present in nature (sunlight, thermal heat, wind, water) in an intelligent way. Global warming and air and water pollution are conditions that are related to the daily actions of everyone on the planet. Energy is produced thanks only to other energy. Consequently, the choice is to use renewable and alternative energy or sources that will eventually be exhausted. Ecoenerg provides services capable of improving the quality of life, using innovative technologies that respect the environment and also nature.

An expanding group

Over forty years of activity and experience in the civil and industrial electrical-engineering sector have endowed Ecoenerg with a high level of professional capacity and technical competence in the renewable and alternative energy sectors.
Many applications have also been developed within the mechanical-engineering sector and in the field dedicated to the programming of software for industrial automation and energy-saving. Proposing customized designs, Ecoenerg offers optimal solutions that always lead to a high level of customer satisfaction. Ecoenerg is a well-established company with teams of specialists active in various sectors of the market. The firm has its own internal R&D department for programming and design activities, an advanced, state-of-the-art, electronic laboratory
and a technical office that also collaborates with external design studios.


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Areas of specialisation

  • Civil and industrial electrical systems / Automation / Home automation (domotics)
    / CMV Equipment / Hydraulic and thermo-hydraulic systems
  • Civil Construction / Green Building / Industry
    Illumination and lighting systems (innovative technology or energy saving)

  • Automated industrial systems
  • Electric switchboards and substations
    (LV / MV)
  • Management and supervision of industrial
    plants and Building Automation
  • Process-control / production-management
    software and systems
  • Technology and solutions for raising levels of efficiency of energy sources (in existing buildings)
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Biogas
  • Biomass cogeneration
  • Woodworking technology

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